The Sussex Experience

The University of Sussex Model United Nations society is proud to present its fourth edition of the University of Sussex Model United Nations Conference, held on March 20th – 22nd 2020 at our beautiful university campus located in the South Downs National Park, on the outskirts of the seaside city of Brighton & Hove.

At Sussex, we are dedicated to offering you the best experience possible. One of our steps towards that is to make our conference a more accurate portrayal of the United Nations, whilst keeping the familiar MUN framework.


This year, our conference consists of 5 committees, ranging from UNESCO to the prestigious Security Council. In one of these committees, you will tackle contemporary political issues throughout two days of debating, negotiating and networking.

In the evenings, we will take you to some of the finest venues in Brighton & Hove for some great socials where you can connect and unwind with fellow delegates.

Join us

This is an excellent chance for new and experienced MUNers alike to debate and find solutions to some of the world’s most important problems – and have fun in the process.
If you wish to take this opportunity to debate highly relevant topics within international politics and meet many like-minded people, please do apply and see you in March!

“Revisiting Development”

“The youth’s innovative approaches to moving forward” is the theme that will guide the committees discussions of the fourth international Model United Nations conference at the University of Sussex. As the world is becoming more and more complicated there is a need to reconsider old theories and concepts that defined the relations between countries. Today, humanity faces major threats including climate change, the instability of financial markets and undemocratic democracies. These challenges require us to rethink the ways we cooperate and help other nations to achieve fundamental goals such as peace, freedom and rule of law. As such, SussexMUN 2020 wishes to bring light to the new and creative ways in which global development can be achieved. In the different committees, delegates will discuss innovative approaches to enabling sustainable development in various fields. This discussion is essential to enhance the workings of international organizations such as the United Nations itself.

As the University of Sussex was awarded the best University in the world for Development Studies this theme isn’t just incredibly important for our current times but also fitting to the walls you will be discussing in. We have many surprises planned and encourage you to join us on this truly inspirational learning-path.

Julia Milis
Secretary General of SussexMUN